Friday was a busy day in Year R . Firstly, we were surprised with a visit from PC Connor. He is a familiar face within our community . He talked to us about his role and showed us his Police Van. We all had the opportunity to sit inside the ‘cage’! Some of us asked him questions such as “how fast does your van go?” And “do you catch the baddies?”

PC Connor finished his visit by reversing off the playground and allowing the children to hear the sirens – they loved this !


During the afternoon, Paulina a physiotherapist ( and also one of our Mummy’s) spent time with the children showing them how she cares for the elderly when they have injured themselves in their upper body. She showed the children how to use a walking frame , crutches and the Therra band . This can help children with their gross motor movement,which in turn will help them to be fit and strong! The children all wanted to try out the equipment that Paulina bought in !