Year 2 have loved Calmore’s Book week.

Robins and Swallows all decided on what they wanted for their book corners. Robins wanted flying paper birds and books and for it to be more comfy and bigger so that more of them could fit in at once. Swallows wanted a Harry Potter theme and decided on a Quidditch pitch with flying snitches.

Both classes added to their book corners with personal touches like posters and book reviews.

We all chose a book from the library so that our book corners are now filled with fiction and non-fiction books that we can enjoy and explore together.

We’ve also loved unwrapping our favourite books that we have brought in from home and look forward to sharing these over the next few weeks!

As well as this, it has been great to have different teachers come and read some of their favourite books.

All of this and THEN we dressed up on Thursday! What a week we’ve had!