Year 2 have settled have into school very well. They have loved the challenges that have come their way as well as thriving on their new responsibilities now that they are top of the school.


On Monday, we talked about our community and how it is our responsibility to look after the areas around us. We decided that it is up to us to keep it clean and tidy – this means taking our rubbish home, using a bin or picking up litter from the floor.

We were SHOCKED when we went into the carpark because there was so much litter everywhere! We were Bert Bees and collected as much as we could in the rain! We also decided that we need to encourage others to do the same and that we would make posters to put around the school and community.

We also heard from a litter expert in Year 1 who has collected litter in his own time. We were all keen to be just like him!